10 Best Strategy Games like Clash of Clans in 2019

There’s no doubt that Clash of Clans is one of the biggest games of all time, as it has been sitting at the top for several years. But since you landed on this page and are looking for alternatives, we’ve created a list of the best games like Clash of Clans that you can play this year. These games have a similar gameplay, but different environment and character that makes them a worthy alternate!

If you have a good look at Google Play Store, and check out some of the most popular games, you will find the most of those titles are strategy games and Clash of Clans is the reason behind that. The game went on to become huge after it was launched and its success forced other developers to jump in the genre with their own games. This was how we got so many strategy games for our smartphones! Although there are tons of similar games on the app store, none of them have come close to the success of CoC and that would be because it was the first to offer such an immersive gameplay and it still keeps its players entertained and hooked with all the awesome events and new content to play. But, if you are thinking of taking a break and trying out something new, that’s similar in gameplay, then here are our best recommendations for you!

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Best Games like Clash of Clans in 2019!

1. Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires

lords mobile: battle of the empiresLords Mobile is the closest alternative to Clash of Clans that you can play at the moment. Not only does it feature an amazing storyline, it also features all the strategic gameplay elements that you know and love!

As soon as you launch the game, you will plunged into an exotic magical land that’s thrown into war and chaos following the death of the first emperor. You will be tasked with bringing back order by creating the greatest empire ever and you’ll even be able to recruit troops and build armies in order to take on powerful opponents. You can also recruit powerful heroes, and upgrade them to improve their skills, and have them attack your enemies and conquer their kingdoms. Explore the unknown territory and clash with other players in real-time in order to claim the throne for yourself and become the Emperor!

The game lets you choose between two options, either fight or trade, and you can play the game accordingly from then on. There’s also one unique feature in the game that lets you switch kingdoms and establish an empire on new lands by moving to a different server with a single tap.

2. Castle Clash: Heroes of the Empire US

castle clash: heroes of the empire usDownload the Castle Clash game and enter in a fantasy world filled with legendary heroes and warriors from different tribes. As the head of the clan, you will be tasked with coming up with strategies for everything ranging from dungeon raids, wars, missions and arena battles.

By building an impenetrable fortress using all the resources at your disposal, and strengthening your heroes with might skins and upgrades to their abilities, you will be able to repel all kinds of attacks from your enemies. The game allows you to not only get powerful weapons but also upgrade them to make them even stronger. Plus, you can create an ultimate army for the battlefield and collect legendary heroes and evolve them into powerful beings capable of devastating your enemies.

The game not just has a story mode where have to build and defend your own impenetrable castle, but there’s also co-op, PvP and PvE mode that allows different kinds of gameplay!

3. Invasion: Modern Empire

invasion: modern empireThis game takes place in the modern world, and not in a fantasy world that most of the strategy games takes place in, which makes it all the more exciting. In Invasion: Modern Empire, the world is in a midst of global apocalypse as the governments have fallen and multiple groups are trying to take advantage of this situation and dominate the world.

The winning conditions in this real-time strategy game depends on the tactics that you come up with to defeat your opponents. The first thing you need to focus on is building a strong base that can serve as a center of operations and once that’s done, you can upgrade your warfare tactics and use powerful weapons and technologies to take the battle to your enemies. Fight your opponents for every piece of available land and expand your territory. You can also join an alliance and together, you can take out other guilds easily as the alliance also has a chat option allowing you to chat with your guildmates and come up with the best course of action.

4. Rise of Civilizations

rise of civilizationsUnlike other strategy games where you attack nearby villages and go to battle, Rise of Civilizations does things a little bit differently. There are always battles going on in real-time and anyone can join the battle and even leave at anytime they want making it a true RTS game!

When you start playing the game, you get the option to choose from one of the 8 unique civilizations – Rome, Britain, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, Korea and China – and transform it from a single clan to a great power in the world. The huge world map allows you to send your troops to investigate this mysterious new world and find out ancient relics, uncover lost temples, fortresses and caves and even gather intelligence on your enemy forces.

If you are in a battle, you don’t have to call back your troops as you can give them new orders at anytime allowing you to modify your strategy as many times as you want. Moreover, you can join an alliance and fight alongside them in a battle royale to vanquish your enemies and take control of the vast kingdom!

5. Dawn of Titans

dawn of titansThe first thing that will immediately capture your attention when you download the game is its console-quality graphics. The game is set in a stunning 3D fantasy world and the stats of your colossal warriors, known as Titans, will determine if you win the battle or not!

Just like most of the strategy games, the Dawn of Titans also puts you in charge of a kingdom and you need to work hard to make it the biggest power in the world. You will go to war against other players and their kingdoms with thousands of troops under your control. What’s more, you also have the support of colossal Titans in your army; and by equipping them with powerful gear, you can increase their strength many-fold.

If you are not a loner and love to play as a team, then you can forge alliances with other players and help each other out whenever a need arises. Moreover, there are daily challenges and quests for you to complete that gives you amazing rewards.

6. Clash of Kings

clash of kingsClash of Kings is one of the best alternatives to Clash of Clans, and also one of the most popular strategy games on Google Play Store. The PvP online game lets you battle against other lords to determine who’s going to control the kingdom and consolidate all the power.

Since the game has millions of players, the biggest reason why you should download the game would be to fight real-time battles against real players from around the world. By taking part in battles, and winning, you will be able to get tons of resources which you can use to build an empire and take over the neighboring lands. Moreover, you can build your own army and upgrade your troops along with the defenses to not only strengthen your troops, but also protect your castle and your kingdom from enemy attacks.

Explore various new territories ruled by new heroes, each with their own unique special abilities. You also command dragons in the game that you can use in your battles to decimate your enemies or send on a journey to bring back precious resources that you can use to your benefit!

7. Boom Beach

boom beachBoom Beach can be considered as one of the best games like Clash of Clans because both the titles come from the same developer – Supercell! Unlike other games on this list that transports you to a fantasy world, this one keeps you in the modern world as you have to battle against the enemy forces to free the slaves and take control of the islands.

It may look different than the rest, but this is a strategy game at its core and you’ll need to come up with proper strategies and use proper line-up of heroes if you intend on defeating your enemies. The Evil Blackguard has both brains and brawns as they’ve taken control of islands and enslaved all the islanders. You can join global task forces in order to take the fight to these evil troops and free the enslaved people before you take control of the island. Moreover, the islands are filled with secrets, so don’t forget to go explore as you’ll discover plenty of awesome resources.

Unlock and upgrade new epic heroes, build your own HQ from where you will be able to control your troops, face off against powerful Blackguard bosses, take part in co-op missions and weekly events to unlock awesome rewards.

8. Jungle Heat: War of Clans

jungle heat: war of clansThe game is set in a tropical jungle, full of oil and gold, which is under the control of General Blood and it’s up to you to take him and his forces on and free the native riches and keep them in your storage for the safe-keeping. However, it won’t be easy as it sounds as you’ll need your own army to battle the tyrannical rule of Blood!

Every good plan begins with a suitable base of operations and you will be in-charge of choosing a location and building a military base. Next up is recruiting troops and building your own army containing unique heroes who all have unique abilities powerful enough to decimate your opponents. You may think that offense is important in winning wars, but you need to focus on defense as well by setting up proper resources to protect your military base from outside attacks.

What’s really amazing about this game is that it has cross-platform capability which means that you can play it on multiple devices without losing your progress! Plus, there are PvP and PvE game modes for you to choose from and of course, the regular clan tournaments that you can take part in to show everyone who’s the best.

9. Plunder Pirates

plunder piratesIf you are intrigued with the story of the pirates, then you are going to love this game as you get the chance to build your own crew and explore the vast seas! Plunder Pirates is a unique build and battle game that lets you create your own island, recruit powerful pirates and explore the sea to find the various secrets.

If you are going to become the most notorious pirate on the seas, then you also need a powerful crew to support you in your adventures. The game offers you the ability to create a crew of pirates by choosing from 10 different classes, each with their unique skills. You can not only build your island, but also your mighty ship on which you will take to the seas the uncover its secrets; plus you can collect resources to upgrade everything – from your pirate crew to your ship to make them even stronger. And you are not alone as there are other pirates vying for the top spot, and you will be battling them in real-time PvP action multiple times.

This game also offers a 3D gameplay experience that allows you to see your island from every angle. You will be fighting against real players, and even powerful sea monsters, and you will get a chance to collect legendary pirates and recruit them in your crew!

10. DomiNations

dominationsOne unique thing about DomiNations is that you will be able to battle throughout history and I know that sounds odd, but you need to play the game to really get into it! You will be in charge of a small settlement and it’s up to you to grow it through the ages and transform it into a metropolis.

There are 8 different nations to choose from, each with their special strengths, and embark on a historic journey to become a superpower. In your way, you will be able to test your might against other players and their kingdoms in PvP combat, or you can form alliances with them in order to conquer the entire world together. There are also great leaders like Leonardo Da Vinci, Catherine The Great and others that you can consult in order to become a great leader yourself.

While you are growing your kingdom, you will be able to build the wonders of the world, including the pyramids and the Colosseum, and create your army comprising of strong warriors from different classes. Keep collecting important resources as you advance through different eras of time and upgrade your troops and your empire to strengthen them.


So, these were some of the best strategy games like Clash of Clans that you can download and play this year. If you are looking for a change, but don’t want to leave the strategy genre, then you can try out one of these games as they may have a similar gameplay experience but the different story line and the different characters will help you feel refreshed.

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