PUBG Mobile for PC Online – Free Game Download (Windows & Mac)

PUBG, or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, is the first survival game that brought such insane popularity for the battle royale genre all around the world. All the games you are seeing right now, including Rules of Survival and Fortnite Battle Royale are thanks to the release of PUBG. However, it wasn’t available for smartphones or tablets until now as PUBG Mobile is now launched for Android as well as iOS devices. You can find the game in Google Play Store; but if you are more interested in downloading PUBG Mobile for PC, then we have just the perfect guide to help you do that!

If you have been playing online survival games recently on your smartphone, then you would already know about PUBG Mobile game as well and now that it has finally arrived on your device, you should totally give it a try. The original battle royale game, together with Unreal Engine 4, brings the smoothest and the most stunning graphics to your smartphone and perfectly emulates the audio and visual elements of the PC version of the game. Coming to the gameplay, it’s similar to a lot other games as 100 players are air-dropped on a deserted island and you have to collect weapons, fight the players in real time and survive till the end to become the last man standing and win the battle. If you liked playing such games, then you should definitely download PUBG Mobile for PC as this is the one that started this trend.

The game’s now officially available for smartphones and tablets; and if you own an Android device, you can download it directly from Google Play Store. However, before you download the game on your smartphone or computer, have a look at some of its best features to know what to expect from it.

PUBG Mobile for PC – Features

  • The game is absolutely free to download, but contains in-game digital purchases that are optional. Also, you need a stable and fast internet connection to stay online all the time while playing the game.
  • The game begins with 100 players, including you, air-dropped on a massive 8×8 km battlefield where you have to fight with other players in real time and eliminate them to ensure your chances of survival.
  • There is a large selection of weapons and accessories scattered throughout the battlefield, so make sure to explore all the location and arm yourself with all the powerful weapons so that you can take on all the players and get rid of them instantly.
  • The playable area keeps shrinking to keep pushing you closer to the end point which increases your chances of encountering other players, so make sure you have a proper vehicle with you so that you can not only reach the end point but also take care of any players that you come across.
  • The game also allows you to team-up with your friends and battle together.

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pubg mobile for pc

These are some of the features of the PUBG Mobile online game that you should know before you start playing it. Also, you need to make sure that you have at least the minimum system requirements to run the game smoothly and without lag. Since the game is just launched for mobile devices, there will be more updates in the future as the developers optimize the game for smoother gameplay. If you are intrigued and would love to download and install PUBG Mobile on your computer, follow the below installation steps.

Download PUBG Mobile for PC

  • Download and install BlueStacks emulator on your computer.
  • Once installed, use your Gmail account details to login and setup the emulator software, if you haven’t done so already.
  • Now, click on the Search icon on the dashboard.
  • Type in “PUBG Mobile” and hit enter.
  • A new tab will open which will show you the search results in Google Play Store.
  • Click the first link from the results and the official game page will open on your emulator.
  • Now, you simply need to click on the Install button.
  • A pop-up box will appear on your screen and by clicking on the Accept button, you can close it.
  • The download process will now start.

pubg mobile for pc online

When you complete the above steps, you will notice that the download process has begun. Now, it will take longer than usual for the entire download process to finish and for PUBG Mobile for PC to be installed as the game is huge in size, so make sure you have a fast internet connection to speed up the process.

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Once the game is installed on your computer, all you have to do is click on the “All Apps” tab where you will find the installed apps and games. Now, simply click on the survival game icon to launch it on your computer screen. This is how easy it is to download, install and play PUBG Mobile for PC using BlueStacks emulator. If you liked the article and have started playing the game, make sure that you share it with your friends as well so that you both can team-up and take care of all the other players to win the battle!

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