7 Best Teen Dating Apps for Android in 2019

There’s a reason why there are so many dating apps available for you, and they all have something unique that appeals to all kinds of users. However, most of these apps are targeted towards teenagers and in this article, we list down the best teen dating apps that you can use to find love this year!

As technology has advanced, everything that our parents used to do have changed and we are doing it all differently. It’s nothing different when it comes to meeting new people and dating, as the traditional methods have been replaced by online methods. You can now just download one of the several dating applications on your phone, setup your personal preferences and get a list of all the potential matches who might be interested in you. You can then not only chat with them, but also exchange contact details and set up a first date to take things forward. Since, dating is quite common among teenagers, most of the dating apps have features that attract them in throngs and that’s why we have made a list of the best apps you can use to get started!

Best Teen Dating Apps in 2019

1. Tinder

tinderBy now, you must already be familiar with Tinder, or at least have heard about it. If not, then please allow me to explain. Tinder takes the guessing work out of the dating game and gives you a simple way to find your perfect match. You can like a person’s profile and you’ll soon know if they reciprocate your feelings or not.

When you download the app and create your account, you will see the profiles of all the people nearby you. You can tweak the settings a little bit to expand the search area and include more people, but that’s all up to you. You can swipe right on a profile to like them, or swipe left to pass on them. When someone you swiped right on likes you back, it’s a match. You will then be able to chat with them to make a good first impression and establish a rapport before asking them out. Then, it’s up to you to setup a date to finally meet and who knows, they might turn out to be the perfect match for you.

The app is available for free, but it comes with a premium version where you can get additional features to allow you to find the right person for you with ease. If you are not getting lucky with the free version, you can try out the premium features as well.

2. Hot or Not

hot or notHere’s another application the completely takes out the guesswork from the dating game while providing you a chance to find the right person. If you are looking for a change from the traditional dating applications, then this app serves the purpose.

Hot or Not works on the simple concept of rating the hottest people around you. You create your profile, upload the best photos of yourself and then the people on the app rate you on your hotness. The higher your ratings, the better your chances will be at finding hot people in your area. So, you shouldn’t take any chances and upload the best, and highest quality, photos of yourself to entice the users on the platform.

You can also add your age and create a proper bio to let the interested people to know what you actually do, and what type of person you really are, before you can match with them and start chatting with each other!

3. MeetMe

meetmeMeetMe makes things even more interesting as it focuses on the users getting to know each other properly before taking things offline. So, if that’s the area you’re interested in, then this application might prove to be the right choice for you.

Through MeetMe dating app, you can find new people nearby who share similar interests as you can chat with them using the in-app messaging or the video calls feature. Another awesome feature that you can use is the livestream feature where you can broadcast yourself to everyone and get introduced to a lot of interesting people in one fell swoop. This is a great way of getting to know each other as you can not only introduce yourself, but answer questions from other users.

Moreover, there are other livestreams to explore as well so join in on the fun and make new friends. This app is perfect for not only people looking to date other people near you, but also for those who want to make friends with users from different parts of the world.

4. Skout

skoutSkout can be considered as one of the best teen dating apps because it’s not just a dating app where two people can like each other and start chatting, but it’s much more than that. It actually resembles a social media platform where the users can post on their timelines and comment on other people’s posts.

After signing up with the application, you will be able to immediately explore all the people near you and let them know you like them. You can instantly start chatting with them if you get a positive response. Moreover, with the timeline feature, you will be able to share what you’ve been up to lately and see what other’s have been doing and join in on the fun. You can meet people based on similar interests and preferred location, find out who checked you out recently, get updates from nearby users, save your favorite users and do a lot more.

That’s not all as the Skout app also has a broadcast feature that lets you go live and introduce yourself to all the users and speed up the matchmaking process!

5. Coffee Meets Bagel

coffee meets bagelIf you’ve tried all the dating apps and have grown tired of swiping left and right on different profiles, then here’s something that you might want to check out. Coffee Meets Bagel is one really unique dating application where you can find meaningful connections on a daily basis.

When you install the app and create an account, you will start receiving curated matches everyday at noon. These matches are selected based on the shared interests making it easier for you to establish a rapport with each other. You also have a choice of either liking these matches or passing on them and waiting for the new ones the next day.

What’s more awesome about the application is that it comes with smart icebreakers that you can use in your chats. Making a good first impression is really important and that’s where Coffee Meets Bagel really shines!

6. Hinge

hingeHinge is a mobile-first dating application that’s build for people who want to get off dating apps, meaning for people who want to finally find a good match. Instead of just matching with other people, the application focuses more on its users connecting with each other and get comfortable.

The application is able to quickly learn what type of people you are into and will take that into consideration when recommending potential matches. Moreover, it will provide you information about your potential date through their unique answers and giving you an idea of what kind of person they are. You can like someone’s profile, or comment on the profile, to begin the matchmaking process and when you get a positive response, you can start messaging.

One unique feature about the app is that it follows up after you exchange phone numbers with your match to ask how the date went. This is important because it takes your feedback into consideration to recommend you much better matches in the future. The app is free to use but comes with premium subscription plans with extra features!

7. Zoosk

zooskZoosk is not just a good dating app, but one of the best dating apps for teenagers as it provides you all the necessary feature you’d ever need to connect with the best matches.

The interface is just like most of the other similar applications where you can go through various profiles through the carousel and specify which ones you are interested in. However, it also comes with a SmartPick feature that will match you with users who are also interested in the same things as you resulting in a high probability that you guys will immediately hit it off with each other. Moreover, there are advanced search filters that you can use to find potential matches based on your sexual preferences, age, location, religion, relationships and more.

Zoosk also has photo verification feature which makes sure that the person you are interested in is actually the same person as in the photo and not someone who’s been catfishing you.

Which Teen Dating Apps Do You Use?

So, these were some of the best dating apps for teens that you should be aware of and if you are tired of the traditional dating methods, then give these apps a try. If you’ve been using one of these apps to find love, make sure that you let us know your experience with the app and how successful you were in getting new matches.

I am sure that the article will help you get back in the dating game since it’s easy to find new people from within your home and more and more people are getting are preferring this method. So, do let us know your feedback on the article and tell us which app you’ve started using!

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