10+ Best Web Browser Apps for Android in 2019

You need a good web browser if you want to surf the Internet in the best possible way, and if you are bored with the default browser that comes in your smartphone, then here’s the list of the best browser apps for Android you can use this year!

There are literally several options to choose from when it comes to web browsers, but most of us normally go with the most popular ones like Google Chrome and Firefox. These browsers are great, but not all smartphones are capable of running them at their full potential as these consume quite a lot of resources. We can’t deny that these browsers are amazing, but there are other alternatives as well that you can go for which provide more or less the same features but are lightweight enough to consume as less data as possible and as less resources on your phone too!

That’s the reason why we have created this list of the best Android browser apps. You are going to see some familiar names below, but I guarantee that you will find some new browser apps as well that are worth installing. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

12 Best Browser Apps for Android!

1. Chrome for Android

google chromeThere’s no other app to begin the list with but Google Chrome! If you are using a device with stock Android OS, you will get the Chrome browser by default and if it’s not installed, then you can get it for free from the Play Store.

The browser app comes with all the features you’d ever need to browse the internet and one of the biggest advantage of using the application is that it comes with personalized search results that instantly appear and the forms are autofilled as well. Moreover, it can seamlessly sync across all your devices so you will get all your data on your computer as well as your smartphone or tablet without any issues and with incognito browsing, you can browse the Internet without saving history.

There’s also the Google Safe Browsing feature that warns you when you are about to open a malicious website and prevents your phone from getting infected with dangerous files. Other features include offline web page viewing, fast downloads, Google translate and voice search and much more!

2. Firefox Focus

firefox focusThere are multiple mobile browsers available on the Google Play Store developed by Mozilla, like the Firefox, FireFox Lite as well as the beta and developers version; but we decided to go with Firefox Focus as it is one of the most lightweight browsers for Android.

Equipped with the best privacy features, the browser is capable of blocking almost all kinds of online trackers from tracking your information and using it to serve you targeted advertisements. It easily erase history, passwords and cookies automatically and keeps all your information and browsing data absolutely private. Since all the trackers are blocked, your browsing experience becomes extremely fast as the web pages are rendered at a faster rate. So, if you are looking for a lightweight browser with the best privacy features, you might want to check out the Firefox Focus!

3. UC Browser

uc browserYou must have heard about UC Browser a lot of times, and chances are high that you used it as well on multiple occasions on your smartphone. The browser is built to provide you the best performance with features resulting in a great browsing experience, fast downloads and data saving.

Being one of the most used web browser apps in the world, it gets regular updates so that the users get the best and the latest features to use. It’s got a simple user interface with homepage that shows all your favorite websites along with the trending news and you can also check out trendy status messages and videos in their respective tabs. Coming to the features, UC Browser provides a variety of stickers, small window mode that allows you to watch videos online while chatting with your friends at the same time, data saving, fast downloads, Facebook mode and Night mode among others.

UC Browser may be a great application; but if you are running low on memory space and looking for something lightweight for your smartphone, then you can check out the UC Browser Mini as well!

4. Samsung Internet Browser

samsung internet browserIf you are using a Samsung smartphone, then this will be the best browser app for you to use. Samsung Internet Browser is the smartest, safest and most secure web browser app for your smartphone or tablet that provides you with the best browsing experience.

It takes privacy very seriously and as such provides you with the best features to keep your information secure. Thanks to the Protected Browsing feature, you will get a warning when you are about to visit a harmful website and by enabling the Do Not Track feature, the browser will ask the websites you are visiting to not track your browsing and collect any data.

It features a clean interface and comes with a customizable Reader Mode that lets you read articles with ease. There’s also a download manager, with parallel download feature, to keep a track of all the downloading files, tab swipe feature for easy navigation and many more features.

5. Puffin Web Browser

puffin web browserIf you are looking for a fast web browser that also cuts your data consumption, then you should look at Puffin Web Browser! The reason why it is one of the fastest browser is because it transfer all the workload from resource-limited smartphones to the cloud servers allowing the web pages to run super-fast on your device.

Moreover, all the traffic that’s pushed from the app to the servers is encrypted, so that you don’t have to worry about the security. If data consumption is a concern for you, then the Puffin browser comes with amazing data compression feature that is capable of saving up to 90% of your bandwidth even on regular browsing. So, if you don’t want to use up your entire data pack, then this browser can help you out without compromising on your browsing experience.

Other features of the app include a virtual trackpad and gamepad, different color themes for toolbar and sidebar, fast JavaScript engine, incognito browsing mode, theater mode and more!

6. Dolphin Browser

dolphin browserWhen you are looking for the best browser apps for Android, there’s no way you’d overlook Dolphin Browser because there’s a reason, or multiple reasons, why it’s been downloaded and used by hundreds of millions of users all over the world.

It comes with great features like Flash Player that allows you to watch videos from websites, an ad-blocker to block pop-up ads, annoying banners and more, personalized search feature, fast downloads, private browsing and more. What’s quite unique about the browser is that it allows you to create personal gestures to open the websites, like “B” for Bing!

Plus, it’s got one of the best sync features among all the other browser apps as you can seamlessly sync all the data like the bookmarks, history and passwords across multiple devices and can even push the data to other browsers like Chrome, Firefox and more using Dolphin Connect.

7. Brave Browser

brave browserBrave Browser is one of the best browser apps with ad-blocking feature that provides an ad-free and comfortable browsing experience. If you are looking for a browser app that is fast, lightweight and blocks annoying ads, then you should try this one out!

The browser is designed for speed and security and it does so from the get-go, without the need to enable any settings or use any plugins or add-ons. By blocking that ads and unnecessary scripts, it provides you a fast browsing experience with improved performance in both data and battery consumption.

Privacy is something that Brave Browser focuses on heavily and so it provides tracking protection, HTTPS Everywhere, Script blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking, private browsing and more to help ensure you stay safe while visiting your favorite websites.

8. Opera Mini

opera miniYou’d have used Opera Browser on your computer for a fast web browsing experience; so if you are looking for the same experience on your smartphone as well, then you should check out Opera Mini that is built for smartphones without compromising on any features.

With the Opera Mini web browser, you can surf the Internet faster, even if you are experiencing a slow network connection, and it doesn’t waste your data plan that’s already limited to begin with. It works on various compression modes that saves up to 90% of your data consumption and blocks all the annoying advertisements with the built-in ad-blocker. Plus, it’s also got the incognito browsing mode allowing you to surf the Internet without worrying leaving a trace on your device.

Other features include a video download option, smarter downloads that work in the background and download large files only when connected to WiFi, personalized news, and a clean and easy-to-navigate interface.

9. Via Browser

via browserIf you are a fan of minimal design, then you are going to love using Via Browser as it eliminates all the clutter to give you the simplest design with the best features and allows you to focus on what you actually need!

It’s one of the best lightweight browsers for your smartphone that doesn’t need a lot of memory space to operate, plus it’s capable of saving a ton of data without hampering your browsing experience. You can even customize the homepage according to your preference and you won’t be receiving push notifications from it every now and then.

Apart from being lightweight and packed with data saving feature, it also comes with features like ad-block, privacy protect, bookmarks, night mode, computer mode, translation, easy search engine switch and more. So, you should definitely give this lite browser app a try because it’s definitely worth it!

10. Google Go

google goDon’t want to part with Google’s browser, but want a lightweight version at the same time? Then, Google Go is the perfect option for you to use on your smartphone as it gives you the best features of Chrome, while consuming as little resources as possible.

With this browser, you will be able to surf your favorite websites while saving up to 40% data and it works perfectly well even on lower connections and smartphones with low memory space. Plus, it can read you the web page and also save your time by making it easy to type in your queries by predicting the trending topics.

Stay updated with the trending news, find the best images and GIFs to share and get access to all your favorite websites from the homepage itself, while keeping things light and fast!

11. Ghostery Privacy Browser

ghostery privacy browserHere’s yet another browser app for Android that focuses on providing you with the best privacy features you could ever ask for. It’s equipped with the world’s largest trackers database that blocks various trackers on websites and provides you with a fast, safe and secure web browsing experience.

With Tracker Visibility feature, you’ll be able to see the number of trackers on the website you are visiting that are being actively blocked, and you can then decide to trust the website or restrict the blockers. Plus, there are also enhanced features like smart blocking that optimizes page performance and enhanced anti-tracking.

Moreover, you get a built-in ad-blocker, a ghost mode (incognito mode), private search engine, phishing protection and tabular navigation so that you get the best browsing experience while staying safe online.

12. DU Browser

du browserFinishing off the list of the best Android browser apps, we have DU Browser that provides ultra-fast browsing experience along with the useful information like latest news, sports updates, new memes, videos, images and more.

The browser comes with a floating video playback feature along with an MP3 player and you also get all the latest news right on the homepage without having to open any website. It’s got a simple user interface that facilitates easy navigation and easy download management feature to keep a track of all the files you are currently downloading.

Other features of the application include data saving, incognito browsing, quick navigation, personalized subscription and more!

Which Are Your Favorite Browsers Apps for Android?

These were some of the best Android browsers that you can install on your smartphones this year. The list contains some really popular browsers like Google Chrome and Opera Mini, but also contains equally great, but lightweight, browsers like Firefox Focus and Via Browser. Before you choose one of these web browsers, make sure to check the memory space on your phone, your network connection’s speed and other things that will affect your browsing experience and then choose the one that suits your smartphone the best.

In the ending, I’d like to say that if you liked the article, make sure to share it with your friends as well so that they too know about the best browser apps for Android they can use in 2019!

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